Milk Churn Reed Diffuser Lime, Basil & Mandarin


Our Unique Milk Churn Reed Diffusers and refill kits help you subtly and continuously fragrance your home. ♻️ 

Lime Basil & Mandarin, Fill your home with this uplifting and revitalising scent.

What you Get:

Reed Diffusers 

Hand poured 100ml finest fragrance oil and certified vegan base oil mix

Medium Milk Churn 

4 Grey Chunky Fibre Reeds 

Reed Diffusers Refill Kit

100ml Finest Fragrance Oil and certified vegan base oil mix 

4 Grey Chunky Fibre Reeds 

How to use 

Fill the Milk Churn with half of the Fragrance mix from the bottle. (we advise you do this over the sink)

Add reeds

Top tip: flip the reeds over after 48 hours to ensure the oil has infused the reeds completely.

Top up your fragrance oil when needed. 

Longevity of your Reed Diffuser. 

Reed diffusers can last up to three months depending on where you place it. 

Care Advice 

  • Turn reeds weekly to refresh the fragrance 
  • Place Milk Churn Diffuser on a coaster to avoid damage to porous surfaces.
  • Refill your Milk Churn Diffuser over a sink.
  • In small spaces, bathrooms etc, you can use less reeds to increase longevity and prevent the scent from becoming too strong 
  • Placing your Milk Churn Diffuser near airflow, open windows, doorways, will encourage the scent to travel further into the room – however it will need to be refilled more often. 

♡ Made with an all-natural vegan eco soy blend wax.
♡ Our scents are achieved by using premium fragrance oils
♡ We use lead free eco cotton wicks.
♡ Burn time – approx 75 hours.
♡ Artisan.
♡ Hand-poured in small batches.
♡ Reuseable Milk Churns or return for a refill



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